A full-service family law firm based in Atlanta

From its central location in midtown Atlanta, Hoelting & McCormack LLC offers a unique blend of focus, efficiency and client-oriented strategy and services in all areas of family law, including divorce, modification of child custody and support, establishment of paternity, contempt and similar actions.

Hiring us is a singular act of trust and confidence that we seek to earn and re-earn every day.


At Hoelting & McCormack, all clients' cases are handled with compassion, case-specific focus, and pragmatism -- not cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all treatment.

Our firm philosophy is simple: Treat clients as they wish to be treated. What does that mean to you? Calls are timely returned. Bills are meaningful. Strategy is shared.

When we are hired as your counsel, we know that you are placing your family and your family’s future in our hands. We seek to meet and exceed your expectations every day -- in each filing, each mediation, and each court appearance.

Hoelting & McCormack
Rebecca Hoelting

Rebecca Hoelting

Rebecca Hoelting, Founding Partner
Rebecca devotes her day-to-day practice not only to providing superlative service to her clients, but also to supporting the community causes that she loves.  When not managing a diverse and dynamic family law caseload, she serves as an effective mediator for her colleagues and as an experienced Guardian ad Litem to protect the best interests of minor children in contested custody cases.

Sarah McCormack

Sarah McCormack

Sarah McCormack, Founding Partner
Sarah provides her clients with a framework of straightforward strategic advice that is grounded in realistic expectations without sacrificing the uncompromising quality of its results – whether such results are rendered in the courtroom, or written at the mediator’s table.   She believes that law is an ever-evolving practice, and, toward that end, has established a niche of keeping her fellow practitioners aware of the most cutting-edge Georgia case law.